Terms & Conditions

Our terms and Conditions

Burst & leaking pipe repair clamps

Terms & Conditions of Sale

  1. CONDITIONS – All goods are sold are subject to these conditions which shall prevail over any conflicting conditions sought to be imposed by a customer.
  2. PROPERTY – Property in goods shall not pass to the customer until the whole of the purchase price of all goods supplied has been paid: not withstanding a customer may re-sell goods as a principal on conditions that, so long as part of the purchase price remains due to us, the customer shall account to us for the proceeds of such re-sale to the extent of the amount outstanding and shall hold such proceeds as trustee. Until all monies outstanding from the Buyer have been paid the Seller has the right to enter the Buyers premises or any other premises on which it reasonably believes the goods are being held for the purpose of the retaking possession of the goods in such premises to the value of the amount outstanding, firstly applying goods supplied by the Seller. All Promotional/Point of sale equipment supplied on free of charge loan basis remains the property of the Seller at all times and may be repossessed at any time.
  3. RISK – Risk shall not pass at the same time as Property in the goods but shall pass at the time of delivery in accordance with our Terms.
  4. SPECIFICATION – We reserve the right to alter, without prior notice, the specification of any goods listed.
  5. PART DELIVERIES – We reserve the right to make part deliveries against any order and to invoice all such at the time of despatch. Such invoices will be payable not withstanding that the balance of the order has still to be delivered.
  6. DELIVERY – Delivery of all orders will be made as early as practical, or as close as practical to customers’ requirements. Notwithstanding any delay, however, orders will remain valid and binding.
  7. CANCELLATION – Cancellation of any order, or part of any order, will be accepted only with our prior consent.
  8. RETURN OF GOODS – Goods may only be returned with our written consent. On such return they will be credited at the invoiced price, less handling charge. Consent will not be given to return goods made specially to order.
  9. GUARANTEE – Our products are guaranteed for 12 months against defects in material or workmanship, subject to fair and proper usage. Any articles claimed to be defective will be repaired or replaced free of charge if, when returned to us carriage paid, examination confirms such defect, we reserve the right to repair tools or replace defective parts only, rather than replace the complete article. Customers are not authorised to make replacements of our products without prior approval by us.
  10. LIABILITY – Subject to the foregoing guarantee, all warranties express or implied, conditions, undertakings or representations, however imposed are hereby expressly excluded. We will not be responsible for consequential loss, damage or any other liability, howsoever arising.
  11. LEGAL CONSTRUCTION – These Terms and Conditions shall be construed according to the law of Scotland, and all sales subject to them shall be deemed to have been made in Scotland.
  12. SHORTAGES – Shortage or damage must be reported to us within 48 hours of receipt of consignment by the customer.
  13. NON-DELIVERY – Non delivery of a consignment must be notified by the customer to us within 14 days from date of invoice, to enable us to make a claim upon our carriers. Notification outside this period invalidates the claim and no responsibility will be accepted by us.
  14. CLAIMS – Claims for damaged goods will not be accepted unless signature on receipt states “Damaged” and the Claim falls within the limits stated above.

If you have any questions about our terms & conditions, please contact us.

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