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Burst & leaking pipe repair clamps

A burst pipe can put an end to a project pretty quickly and pipes leak and burst for many reasons; frost damage in winter, accidental perforation by trades people, DIY accidents, old pipe and fittings etc. Whatever the cause of a leaking or burst pipe, water damage starts immediately, and the longer it takes to stop the leak, the more costly the damage. Kibosh is ideal for plumbers who are in the front line in pipe leak situations, as well as other professional trades, maintenance and DIY enthusiasts needing a reliable and effective quick fix, fast.

The Kibosh Rapid Emergency Pipe Repair Clamp is very simple and quick to use. It can stop leaks immediately, limiting and avoiding water damage and disruption. This saves precious water, gets the situation under control and once a Kibosh pipe repair clamp is fitted, the metal or plastic pipe can continue to function normally again under pressure, hot or cold!

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Pipe freezing can be frustrating, expensive or both with variable success. Electric machines are very heavy and expensive, so a big investment. Basic foam sleeves can be very unreliable and inefficient with heavy wastage of freeze spray.

Kibosh FASTFREEZE™ is the NEW extremely fast and efficient pipe freezing system. It is lightweight, compact and easy to use. The FASTFREEZE system saves plumbers time, money and is the extremely fast and efficient way to achieve and maintain an isolating ice plug, to avoid draining down a pipe system.

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Designed by a Plumber

Invented and developed by a fully qualified Plumber.

Ross Dickinson - Kibosh Designed By A Plumber

Kibosh’s Patented and Award-Winning Pipe Clamps

The Patented Kibosh Rapid Pipe Repair Clamp is an instant and simple to use repair clamp for burst pipes.

Burst Pipe Repair - Quick & Easy

Quick, easy to close and effective

Burst Pipe Repair - Fits most pipe sizes

Accomodates various pipe sizes

Burst Pipe Repair - Suitable for copper, plastic and multilayer burst pipes

Suitable for copper, plastic and multilayer pipes

Burst Pipe Repair - Fits in tight spaces

Fits in tight spaces and joist notches

Burst Pipe Repair - Works on hot or cold burst pipes

Works perfectly at most temperatures

Burst Pipe Repair - Withstands high pressure burst pipes

Withstands pressure of 10Bar / 150 PSI

But don’t take our word for it

Your ‘Kibosh’ saved me a fortune! What had been a frozen pipe had started leaking and was discovered late one night! Luckily, had ‘ Kibosh’ with other bits and pieces kept under the sink and problem solved in under 30 seconds! Wouldn’t be without one!


Within minutes of arrival we had clicked the kibosh on and were enjoying a nice cuppa waiting for the system to drain down, no stress and best of all no water damage. The Kibosh is so easy to install I reckon my cat could do it! Would recommend…

Richard of the Hughes Brothers

Great tool to have in the van, it works! Nailed a pipe with the old Paslode this summer, ran to the van ripped the kibosh out of the box thinking this is going to be a palava. My girlfriend could have put the tool on it was so easy. This pipe repair actually works!…


Accreditations and Awards

The easiest way to limit the
damage caused by a burst pipe.