Minimising Damage & Risk

Kibosh Ltd brings you the World’s Fastest Pipe Repair™ Clamp and the Rapid FreezingClamps™
which are Patented products with Registered Trademarks and Design Protection.
The Emergency Pipe Repair was thought about when, yet another house was being flooded
by a burst pipe with no way of turning the water off, which caused customers
a great deal of damage and distress.

Increase your

The fastest and most efficient way to stop that leaking pipe with the minimum of fuss.

Increase your
Peace of Mind

During that highly stressful situation when you have a leaking pipe, relax in the knowledge that you have The World’s Fastest Pipe Repair™ Clamp at hand.

Increase your
Ability to keep operating

Whether you get a burst pipe during a cold snap or accidentally putting a nail though the pipe when carrying out DIY, you can now keep the heating system running whilst you wait for a busy Plumber to attend.
Kibosh Pipe Repair Clamp 15mm clean


At Kibosh we help people that are in a desperate situation caused by a burst, accidentally perforated water pipe or leaky pipe fitting. It will limit or hopefully eliminate damage and disruption in the home or workplace.


We believe in designing clever, simple solutions to difficult challenges. Through constant research and development, we continually drive the product to new levels of quality. By adopting the latest technology such as 3D Printing, we can bring new products to the market quickly and help keep costs to a minimum.


Our team of professionals from the sector in which we serve have a wealth of experience in design and manufacturing. A truly international company based around the world from Scotland to Sydney and many places in between.

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