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We are a Scottish Borders based company with a global business. Founded by fully qualified, time-served plumbing & heating engineer, Ross Dickinson who is driven by a passion for developing simple solutions to pipe repair and pipeline sector related problems.

Our signature product is the Kibosh Rapid Emergency Pipe Repair and we have recently launched the NEW Kibosh FASTFREEZE™ pipe freezing range.

Our future

We have also secured funding for final development and field testing of our industrial pipe repair clamps and high efficiency pipe freeze clamps. In these trials, we are partnering with The Net Zero Technology Centre (NZTC) and The University of Strathclyde’s, National Manufacturing Institute Scotland (NMIS), as well as world renowned industry partners Harbour Energy, Total, CNOOC International and Hydratight.
We are passionate about what we do. We would love you to use our products and see for yourself the difference they make. Please let us know how you get on using our products and get in touch with any feedback. We always love to hear from you!

About Kibosh - Ross Dickinson

Ross Dickinson

Founder, CEO & CTO

About Kibosh - Keith Gibson Kibosh

Keith Gibson

Kibosh Chairman

Jill Notman Kibosh Finance Manager

Jill Notman

COO & Finance Manager

Lauren Flockhart

Lauren Flockhart

Sales & Marketing

KiboshTM History


Ross Dickinson, plumber and founder of Kibosh, was called out to fix a burst pipe in the winter of 2007. The homeowner couldn’t turn the water off to the burst pipe because the valve was hidden in the garage. By the time Ross traced the pipe back and was able to turn the water off, there was already a significant amount of costly water damage.

Returning home. Ross questioned why there was no product widely available to stop the leak and get the situation under control. Then he had his eureka moment. The Kibosh Rapid Pipe Repair Clamp was born. Ross then took it upon himself to develop and patent the product. We incorporated Kibosh Ltd in 2009.

Ross developed prototypes of a pipe repair clamp with local tool making and injection moulding company, Cademuir Engineering. He developed the product which was tested by the British Standards Institute (BSI), and he patented the design, both in the UK and internationally.

Initially selling the product himself, Ross used the success of wins from innovation awards and Kibosh social media platforms to build awareness of the Kibosh Rapid Pipe Repair Clamp.

Rothenberger, a leading global plumbing tool and equipment brand noticed the Kibosh Rapid Pipe Repair Clamp. Ross entered into an agreement with Rothenberger UK to produce the Rothenberger Kibosh Emergency Pipe Repair, which is available in the UK & USA.

Rothenberger UK employed Ross in the role of Technical Manager. Ross remained as Managing Director of Kibosh Ltd.

With Sales of the Kibosh Rapid Pipe Repair Clamps growing quickly. Kibosh started to produce pipe freezing clamps, using the same IP, for Rothenberger for use in their Rofrost Rapid pipe freezing kits. As international interest and sales grew, Ross also saw the opportunity to develop pipe repair and freezing products for the Oil & Gas and industrial markets.

In 2015 Ross secured funding to start phase 1 of this development with the Oil & Gas Innovation Centre (OGIC) and Heriot Watt University.

In 2018 Ross secured further funding for a Phase 2 of development of Kibosh clamps for up to 6” pipes. Again with OGIC and with the University of Strathclyde’s Advanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC). This development was completed in 2019.

In 2019, Ross secured private equity funding for Kibosh from Par Equity, an Edinburgh based investment syndicate. This allowed Ross to leave Rothenberger and work full time at Kibosh.

We are in the process of securing funding for field testing our industrial pipe repair clamp and pipe freeze clamps. In these trials, we are partnering with The Oil & Gas Innovation Centre and The University of Strathclyde’s – Advanced Forming Research Centre as well as world renowned industry partners.

February 2021 we launched the new Kibosh brand. Bringing to market our full range of products pipe repair clamps to pipe freeze kits. This represents the start of the next chapter in our history. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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