The World’s Fastest and
Simplest Pipe Repair

Stop a leak becoming a flood…
Put a Kibosh on it!

Kibosh Rapid Repair Clamps – fast, simple to fit, reusable

The Kibosh Emergency Pipe Repair camp is the fastest, most simple and very effective emergency pipe repair solution. Just fit it round a leaking or burst pipe, and clamp it shut. Invented by a plumber, the Kibosh is ideal for DIY enthusiasts who could perforate a pipe accidentally with a nail, drill, jigsaw or any other sharp power or hand tool.

It can also be used by anyone who could potentially have a frost damaged burst pipe to protect your property!

  • Suitable for metal, plastic, multi-layer pipes and can accommodate leaking pipe fittings.
  • Quick and easy to fit to even clipped pipes, tight spaces and in the notch of a joist.
  • Can withstand 10Bar/150PSI
  • Once fitted the central heating or water pipe can be kept in use, hot or cold, till a permanent repair can be arranged.
  • Made from NON-TOXIC materials, the Kibosh is the perfect water saving and damage limitation device.
  • Reusable, no tools required

The Kibosh Rapid Pipe Repair clamp comes in the most common domestic pipe sizes, 15mm, 16mm/USA-CAN ½” and 22mm/USA-CAN ¾”.

We recommend you have at least one of each size in your toolbox or the top drawer… just in case!

The simplest protection against leaking pipes.

Water damage is the #1 home insurance claim in the UK.

According to Aviva, the average cost of an insurance claim for a leaking pipe is up to £3,500. A leaking or burst pipe can ruin carpets, floors and ceilings.

You can stop leaks in seconds and save thousands with the Kibosh Emergency Pipe Repair clamp.


Stop the leak fast!

Once the leak has started, whatever the cause, the clock is ticking and the cost of the damage is growing.

Simple Fix

Of course, the first priority is always to turn the water off at the main valve. However, this is not always possible because the stopcock cannot always be found, or may not work.

Keep your Running Water

Even if you can turn the water off, the Kibosh can still be fitted over the leak, allowing you to turn the water back on so your home still has water and heating.

Invented and developed by a fully qualified Plumber.

The Kibosh Rapid Repair clamp is an essential item for your toolbox or top drawer – just in case


Gives you peace of mind


Stops the leak in seconds


Saves you money


Gives you time to get the pipe properly repaired


Allows you to keep the water on


Reusable and great value!

But don’t just take our word for it

Your ‘Kibosh’ saved me a fortune! What had been a frozen pipe had started leaking and was discovered late one night! Luckily, had ‘ Kibosh’ with other bits and pieces kept under the sink and problem solved in under 30 seconds! Wouldn’t be without one!


Within 2 minutes of arrival, we had clicked the kibosh on and were enjoying a nice cuppa waiting for the system to drain down, no stress and best of all no water damage. The Kibosh is so easy to install I reckon my cat could do it! Would recommend…

Richard of the Hughes Brothers

Great tool to have in the van, it works! Nailed a pipe with the old Paslode this summer, ran to the van ripped the kibosh out of the box thinking this is going to be a palava. My girlfriend could have put the tool on it was so easy. This pipe repair actually works!…


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The easiest way to limit the
damage caused by a leaky pipe.