Rapid Pipe Repair Clamp


The Kibosh Rapid Pipe Repair Clamp is a unique new Patented device which provides a simple but professional and affordable temporary repair for burst, accidentally perforated water pipes and leaking pipe fittings.

Fitted in seconds The Kibosh Rapid Pipe Repair Clamp allows you to quickly snap it in place, reducing any further damage to furniture or fittings. Allowing you to find the stopcock and turn off the water if required. Or, it can be left in place.

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Burst or Leaking Pipe? Use Rapid Pipe Repair Clamp!

Everyone knows how distressing and damaging a flood caused by a burst water or leaking pipe can be. If fitted by a plumber in unsociable hours, it can allow them to return at a more convenient time if an isolator cannot be found or the system needs drained. The Kibosh can actually leave a pipe functioning normally once fitted. Plumbers are the first to be called upon in a pipe flood situation and Kibosh enables them to stop the leak dead, limiting damage and giving crucial breathing space.

It is a welcome aid for all trades people like joiners, carpet fitters, electricians as well as maintenance, janitorial and DIY’ers who could perforate a pipe accidentally using a drill, jigsaw or any other sharp power or hand tools. It requires no tools or plumbing experience to operate and can allow the pipe to be kept in use until a plumber can make a permanent repair. Kibosh provides a fast and extremely effective way of stopping the flow of water. The Kibosh can also be used by unskilled people whose homes could be flooded by a burst pipe in the winter.

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15mm, 16mm (US ½”), 22mm (US ¾”)