Kibosh Rapid Pipe Repair Kit PLUS


The Kibosh Emergency Pipe Repair clamps are the fastest, simplest and most effective emergency pipe repair solution. Just fit it round a leaking or burst pipe, and clamp it shut. Invented by a plumber, the Kibosh is ideal for all trades people; Plumbers, Joiners, Builders, Electricians, Carpet Fitters, as well as maintenance, janitorial and DIY’ers who could perforate a pipe accidentally with a nail, drill, jigsaw or any other sharp power or hand tool. It can also be used by anyone who could potentially have a frost damaged burst pipe!

This kit comes in a bright robust orange case complete with a Kibosh of each size, for the two most common pipe sizes in UK & Metric System countries, 2 x 15mm & 2 x 22mm, or North America 2 x 1/2” & 2 x 3/4”.

More about the Repair Kit PLUS+

  • Suitable for metal, plastic, multi-layer pipes and can accommodate leaking pipe fittings.
  • Kit comes with 2 x reusable rapid pipe repair clamps of each size.
  • Robust case helps keep clamps clean and in the open position when not in use to protect the seals.
  • Quick and easy to fit to even clipped pipes, tight spaces and in the notch of a joist.
  • Can withstand 10Bar/150PSI
  • Once fitted the central heating or water pipe can be kept in use, hot or cold, until a permanent repair can be arranged.
  • Made from non-toxic materials, the Kibosh is the perfect water saving and damage limitation device.
Weight500 g

UK & EU (15mm & 22mm), N America (1/2" & 3/4")