Kibosh FASTFREEZE Pipe Freezing Clamps

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Kibosh FASTFREEZE Pipe Freezing Clamps are a new extremely fast and efficient pipe freezing solution. Invented and developed by a plumber, the patented Kibosh Freeze clamps use less gas than foam sleeves to create and maintain an isolating ice plug.

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FASTFREEZE Clamps : 15mm clamp
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The fastest, simplest pipe freezing.


Time Saving

New Kibosh FASTFREEZE is the fastest, simplest pipe freezing, saving you time and money.

Simple to fit

The patented Kibosh FASTFEEZE clamps are simpler to fit than traditional foam sleeves.

Money Saver

The patented Kibosh FASTFREEZE clamps use less gas, saving you money.

100% Reusable

The patented Kibosh FASTFREEZE clamps are also re-usable, again saving you money.

Invented and developed by a fully qualified Plumber.

How the Kibosh FASTFREEEZETM system works

Pipe Freeze Spray is injected into the freeze clamp using the straw provided via the fluid inlet hole. The contact foam inside the clamp cavity absorbs the freeze spray and allows it to evaporate slowly through the vent hole. This quickly cools down the pipe wall and the water, creating an isolating ice plug within the pipe.

  • The FASTFREEZE clamp is easy to attach to the pipe, and simply click it shut
  • No fiddly cable ties, No waste!
  • The fully sealed enclosed cavity delivers a more efficient focused and faster freeze.
  • The FASTFREEZE clamp is suitable for different pipes – Copper, Steel, Plastic, Lead & Iron pipes
  • The Kibosh clamps are suitable for pipes from 8 mm to 22mm:
    15mm clamp freezes, 14mm – 16mm pipe, including:  USA/CAN ½” Pipe
  • 22mm Clamp freezes, 21mm – 22mm pipe, including: USA/CAN ¾” & ½” Steel Pipes
  • Reducing inserts for 15mm clamp allows 8mm & 10mm micro-bore pipe to be frozen
  • FASTFREEZE clamps are compatible for use with most leading UK aerosol pipe freeze sprays

15mm clamp, 22mm clamp