FASTFREEZE Professional Pipe Freezing Kit

£165.00 including VAT and UK shipping

Kibosh FASTFREEZE is a new extremely fast and efficient pipe freezing solution. Invented and developed by Kibosh Founder, Ross Dickinson, a fully qualified plumber to trade, the patented Kibosh Freeze clamps use less gas than foam sleeves to create and maintain an isolating ice plug. The FASTFREEZE Kit is an excellent time and money saving solution for pipe freezing and pipe isolation. Suitable for Copper, Steel, Lead, Plastic & Iron pipe.

This robust Kit contains:

  • 2 x 15mm/US-CAN ½” FASTFREEZE clamps which can be used on 8-16mm pipes*
  • 2 x  22mm/US-CAN ¾” FASTFREEZE clamps which can be used on 21-22mm pipes &  ½” steel.
  • 2 x LARGE 293gram FASTFREEZE sprays with fluid insert straws
  • 2 x handy rolls of PTFE tape for threaded fittings, valves and if 8mm microbore is deformed or kinked prior to freezing.
  • 1 x sheet of 15mm contact foam
  • 1 x sheet of 22mm contact foam
  • 2 x spare slots for a Kibosh Rapid Pipe Repair or FASTFREEZE clamp of each size
  • 1 x carry case with die cut foam
  • User instructions and important information guide


  • Patented reusable pipe freeze clamps which are simple, quick and easy to fit. They can be fitted to clipped pipes, in tight spaces and the contact foam supplied can be used for multiple freezes.
  • * The 15mm clamps Accommodate 14mm – 16mm pipe, including: UK ½” copper (14.8mm), 15mm & 16mm/US 1/2″ pipes. They also come with reducers for freezing 8-10mm micro-bore pipe.
  • The 22mm clamps Accommodate 21mm – 22mm pipe, including: UK ¾” Copper (21mm), US ¾” pipes & ½” Steel pipes.
  • Freezes to -30°C, Kibosh FASTFREEZE Spray is Low Global Warming Potential Gas.
  • FASTFREEZE clamps are compatible for use with most leading UK aerosol pipe freeze sprays.