Stop on the job pipe leaks in seconds with the Kibosh Rapid Repair Clamp

A small leak on the job can very quickly become an expensive problem, costing you time, money, and your reputation

Just wrap round the pipe and click shut. Job done!

Bish, Bash, Kibosh!

Kibosh Rapid Repair Clamps – fast, simple to fit, reusable

The Kibosh Rapid Repair clamp is a simple to use repair clamp for accidentally perforated domestic water pipes, leaky fittings, and central heating pipes.

  • Can be fitted when the leak is still in full flow
  • Suitable for metal, plastic and multilayer pipe
  • Can be fitted in tight spaces to clipped pipes and in the notch of a joist
  • Once fitted the pipe can continue to function normally-hot or cold!
  • Can accommodate some fittings
  • Can withstand 10 Bar/150 PSI
  • Made from NON TOXIC materials
  • Reusable

The Kibosh Rapid Repair clamp comes in 15 mm, 16 mm (USA/CAN ½”), and 22 mm (USA/CAN ¾”). We recommend you have at least one of each size in your toolbox to cover every eventuality…

A leaking or burst pipe can be a very expensive problem, both for you and for your client.


Money Saver

A small leak on the job can very quickly become an expensive problem, costing you time, money, and your reputation.

Rapid Repair

Once the leak has started, whatever the cause, the clock is ticking and the cost of the damage is growing.

Problem Solver

Of course, the first priority is always to turn the water off at the main valve. However, this is not always possible because the stopcock cannot always be found, may not work or is unrelated to the actual leaking pipe.

Control the Leak

Even if you can turn the water off, the Kibosh can still be fitted over the leak, allowing you to turn the water back on so the system can keep functioning till a permanent repair can be arranged.

Invented and developed by a fully qualified Plumber

The Kibosh Rapid Repair clamp is an essential item for your toolbox.


Stops the leak in seconds


Saves you and your clients time and money


Gives you time to get the pipe properly repaired


Allows you to keep the water on


Is reusable and great value

But don’t just take our word for it

Many thanks for your assistance, the ‘kibosh’ that you suggested has been an ideal temporary fix, I will certainly be using the product again. I have enclosed a copy of the kibosh in position, the water beneath leaked prior to its arrangement. I would strongly recommend this product as a temporary solution!

David, DN Plumbing & Heating

Within 2 minutes of arrival, we had clicked the kibosh on and were enjoying a nice cuppa waiting for the system to drain down, no stress and best of all no water damage. The Kibosh is so easy to install I reckon my cat could do it! Would recommend…

Richard of the Hughes Brothers

Well today was eventful…trace and repair a leak somewhere under a floor in a rest bite centre. Unable to isolate and drain system due to rapture of building. On finding the burst the only way we could stop flow was to Kibosh the heating pipe in order to freeze and repair pipework. Quite shocked with the size of the split and how the Kibosh stopped the flow. Great piece of kit for all trades!

Technician & Plumber at Castle Rock Edinvar Housing Association

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