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Many thanks for your assistance, the ‘kibosh’ that you suggested has been an ideal temporary fix, I will certainly be using the product again.

I have enclosed a copy of the kibosh in position, the water beneath leaked prior to its arrangement.

I would strongly recommend this product as a temporary solution!

DN Plumbing & Heating

Within minutes of arrival we had clicked the kibosh on and were enjoying a nice cuppa waiting for the system to drain down, no stress and best of all no water damage. The Kibosh is so easy to install I reckon my cat could do it! Would recommend…

Richard of the Hughes Brothers

Great tool to have in the van, it works! Nailed a pipe with the old Paslode this summer, ran to the van ripped the kibosh out of the box thinking this is going to be a palava. My girlfriend could have put the tool on it was so easy. This pipe repair actually works!…


The easiest way to limit the
damage caused by a leaky pipe.