UK Patent 2480131B | Tested by BSI | International Patent Pending

SIZES AVAILABLE: 12.7mm, 15mm, 16mm, 22mm
AU ½" & NZ ½", USA & CANADA ½" & ¾"


The Kibosh Emergency Pipe Repair is a unique and simple Patented device. It provides an affordable, quick and robust temporary repair for burst, accidentally perforated water pipes and leaky fittings making it a must for every toolbox, and the top drawer .... just in case! Read more ...





  • Instant pipe repair
  • Suitable for metal plastic and multi-layer pipes
  • Can be fitted to a clipped pipe and in tight spaces
  • Accommodates large bursts and leaky fittings
  • Can be fitted to a leak in full flow
  • Can allow the pipe to be kept in use till a permanent repair can be arranged-hot or cold!
  • Can be fitted in the notch of a joist (see demo video)
  • Made from NON TOXIC materials
  • Can withstand 10 Bar pressure
  • No tools required
  • Excellent water saving device

Accreditations and Awards

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